Melynda Valera

Melynda is a versatile apparel designer based out of Southern California. With an education from The Art Institute of California-Orange County, she has experience in everything from dance and costume design to avante-garde and everything in between, including streetwear and swimwear.

She has shown in Vancouver Fashion Week, and was selected as one of the Top-Emerging Designers from Orange County Fashion Week. Her work has also been featured in Vogue UK as well as Glamour UK.

Valera's Spring/Summer 2017 Collection entitled, 'Beneath the Flowers' has been seen at Portland's FashioNXT  and as a part of Art Institute's Showcase at Los Angeles Fashion Week.

Valera's most powerful collection was designed for World Fashion Week in Paris, France. 'Seeds', inspired by the Mexican Proverb:  "They tried to bury us-- They didn't know we were seeds"  was designed to be fully inclusive of all the cultures that makeup the United States that Valera loves.  

Up next on Valera's list is a children's wear collection inspired by Hip Hop and Mexican Culture, entitled Meztli Kids Couture.

All images are of the work of Melynda Valera

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